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Our Team


Madame Meow:

She’ll scratch you with metaphors and haikus, this one – or maybe throw a political hoopla on you. Presently in Journalism school, you can find her intensely debating gender issues, with or without a boom mic. A born editor and creative whizz spending time with her usually involves ODing on Chai, Scrabble, Wodehouse or TED talks. Or maybe cooking up a storm to ’em Blues. For best result learn her language of sarcasm, dotted with them feels.



Veera Da Gama

Known for her iffy attitude, Veera can usually be seen stressing over the imperfections of life. But on the other side of the coin, one can call her multi-faceted as well – a poetic traveller of lands lesser known, a sneaky little fan-girl who loves all clichéd bands and rom-coms to have ever existed, a bibliophile and amateur philosopher, who can counsel you through every possible catastrophe! If bestowed with surplus time, you can either find her logged onto Netflix, or merely questioning the purpose of human existence over some steaming Filter Coffee.’

Infidel Castro:

Not your run-of- the-mill Marxist, Infidel tries to look at the modern world’s political scenario through the refreshed eyes of a global citizen. He supports free trade and an open market, but vehemently opposes any form of oppression. Having said that, Capitalism can still stuff it where the sun doesn’t shine. Reading his articles, with a Starbucks isn’t recommended.



Bhukhamp Bhaiya:
(Bharatiya Bijli Samachar)

Living in a colourful nation like India, Bhaiya’s only focus is to analyse the absurd political trends that never miss making headlines. With seemingly healthy sense of skepticism, he seldom misses the opportunity to question issues that tickle his curiosity. In an era where humans are bombarded with information at every minute of their lives, he promises to offer content you cannot refuse.

Hairy Antoinette:
(Ladies or Gentlemen? Fuck That)

Hairy Antoinette rants and waxes poetic about queerness and how it intersects with other identities. She is fond of social justice, cats, metaphors and this name that best represents her as a body positive, feminist queer woman with a decent level of sass. Though she’s equipped with enough SAT words, Hairy Antoniette has a weakness for slang and colloquial terms. This is her then, to serve you fresh with the point of view of a queer woman living and loving in India.

SoFarah Coppola:
(Pyar, Apka Ram Tarantino)

SoFarah Coppola has an insatiable appetite: be it Ray or Ford this one wants to see it all. You can catch her little self smiling away at the theaters on Friday eve, unless she has dragged you along already. Be it the coffee-table or the post-midnight bistro, this one’s on, jabbering about her one and only romance — films. Carefully observant with good-humoured cynicism SoFarah owes allegiance to all Cinema: old or new.

Alfred Hirani:
(Pyar, Apka Ram Tarantino)

Alfred Hirani is not just your usual movie buff, he’s better than those IITians who critique movies. He’s also a serial killer analysing what the medium is all about. The magical world of movies and dead bodies are usually what drives his passion. Indie on the outside, he’s still a commercial baby at heart, trying to search for the everlasting balance between the two. He’s also a psycho. Go read his articles before he kills you.

Quantum Economist:
(Janab, Nayi Kitaab)

With a radioactive soul, you’ll find him asking questions related to economics and physics.  He hates silly social constructs and will always talk about revolution and war. Always the contradiction though, this one’s also a closet romantic. Quantum loves ice tea and analyses weird trends of human behavior proposed by economists.




Silhouettes, monochrome and symmetry are what primarily catch her eye. For her photography isn’t just capturing memories, it’s capturing multidimensional dreams, converging lines and life in frames. Firm opinions, words and an insatiable lust for travel, you can find her binging on Durrell books or Sherlock’s cinematography. Spot her almost always with a camera in hand.


He is not your everyday guy who’d roam around a new city to buy a souvenir, but rather the lad who enters the quietest alley or the busiest street to capture and portray life in monochrome through the eyes of his best friend, his camera. An aspiring filmmaker, and a passionate lover of Indian Cinema, he enjoys the art of arranging sequences and synchronizing various sounds to bring to life an aesthetic beauty. Watch out for him; as he might just be disguised as your everyday buddy, waiting to get his perfect shot

The page names under the names of the writers indicate the pages they are assigned to write on. However, they do contribute to other pages as well. To connect with the writers, email us on earthlingtoday@gmail.com.
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