A Simpsons episode from 2000 predicted that Trump would become Prez. Seemed like a crazy idea, or does it as he keeps rising to the top. Infidel Castro explains Trump Tactics

Ever since Castro wrote his first article for Earthlings Today, a lot has changed in the world’s political spectrum. Castro could talk about the increasing possibility of Catalonia separating from Spain, or about Turkey’s blatant oppression of its press. However, there has been one pertinent issue with the whole of the world that just doesn’t seem to go away: Donald J. Trump.

Let Castro give you his two cents (which, interestingly, if adjusted for inflation, would be worth $2.81 today) on the whole topic.

Trump in my opinion, doesn’t deserve to be anywhere near that contest for the presidential elections – it should be seasoned politicians like Marco Rubio or John Kasich that should be winning my margins like he has. John Oliver, one of Infidel’s personal favourites’ numerous attempts at exposing the real Trump have been mildly successful. Unfortunately we still have the uglygarch having all but secured the Republican nomination.

The fact of the matter is that the elections have actually become a joke. Candidates are being voted on depending on how “dank” their memes are, and how outrageous their comments can get. There is an apparent vote-rigging in a handful of the states, and yet Trump wins by wide margins. To top it all, a huge section of the left is now crossing over to the far right, in hopes of toppling over the Clinton candidature – never mind the causes they might have to champion.

In this article, Castro takes a look at how Trump actually came to be in the position that he currently basks in.

The main point is that Trump is actually Flubber. He can make a statement as easily as he can retract it- without giving two hoots about it. It’s so amazing how this man can actually say something on a given day, and do a complete 180 on it the next, and yet win the following primary with over 60% of the vote. His ideas keep flip-flopping all the time, forcing the truth-finding site Politifact to conclude that “it is difficult to determine Trump’s stance on issues, given his frequent changes in position” and “his penchant for using confusing, vague and even contradictory language.”

Hi, I’m Rich and Racist: Vote for me?

He himself has stated that he is “totally flexible” on “many, many issues”- I’d suppose the most powerful country would want a president with a bit of a spine over the main advantage that Trump has – not being accountable for anything he says.

When he contradicts what he has stated earlier, he is given a free pass, as everyone is used to him behaving this way. However, other candidates are hacked to pieces over a vote they may have cast in 1980. This enables him to get away with everything.

Second factor that works in his favour is that he is seen as an outsider- someone who hasn’t been a part of the system. And in this world of us versus them, the public identifies with Trump more than the other politicians. The anti-incumbency vote is strongly in his favour.

This also aids him in getting votes he never really hoped for – a lot of Sanders supporters are jumping ship, mainly because they don’t want another Clinton in the office.

This leads us to the next factor – how expertly Trump has managed to swerve the topic around pertinent issues, and rather used impractical yet populist measures to please the public.

He manages to make a whole Presidential debate about himself, and how he has made the Trump conglomerate where it is today. He has the indecency to threaten to throw the Mexicans across the border (and then later let them in legally “through a big, beautiful door”), and then say “I love Hispanics!”. He has changed his stance so many times on abortion, that it has been a task to keep track of it.

Trump also wants to interfere in Iraq, and “definitely go after the oil”, as he thinks that’s how they can pay America as a thank you for eradicating the ISIL.

God, all this makes Castro’s head hurt.

Now, all of this is made possible by the method of democracy, wherein someone completely unknown to the system comes and takes it for a ride. And who is responsible for the same?

The honourable citizens of the United States of America.

Spot the Idiot

The stupidest sect of the world’s population have been triggered. These ignorant people think of Trump as their “God-Emperor”, and honestly think that all America needs in order to become “great” again is electing him to the seat. (Go for it, seriously)

These same people trashed Ted Cruz because they thought he was the Zodiac Killer, and have taken over the internet (mainly Reddit. Don’t click on it. You’ve been warned; your IQ might be permanently damaged). Infidel himself was surprised – a majority of these people took a bloody meme seriously.

These are the same people who trash any left-leaning individual, to such an extent, that when you Google “crooked Hillary”, the second photo that pops up is her pecking a Ku Klux Klan leader, and the third one of Trump himself.

Memes, memes everywhere

To conclude this piece, Castro is quite annoyingly surprised that the Trump bandwagon has picked up steam, and how – he is scheduled to seal the Republican nomination by the next round. Thus, it lays a very dangerous precedent for the public to think about- it is currently okay to make a racist comment against the African-Americans or Hispanics, because hey, that man en route to becoming the President is doing it freely- why can’t I?

While the Americans might not make much of it, the rest of the world is watching this election closely. It’s more of a test anyway, and America isn’t doing too well on it, to be frank. At the end of the day, it is still USA- a P5 member of the United Nations, and the world’s biggest economy. It wields widespread powers, perhaps too much for its own good- and Castro can only pray for a more liberal country that prides itself on its diversity and open thinking. However, with the way things have proceeded, one can barely be optimistic about the future, and Castro certainly isn’t taking his chances with that.

If Trump somehow wins the Presidential elections, Castro wouldn’t really be surprised. Stranger things have happened- Leicester winning the EPL, for example. But this isn’t a game, it’s a serious issue – and one that shall have far reaching consequences.

 – Infidel Castro