Here’s messages, sprayed in paint by your favorite Infidel Castro.

Vandalism. A fine of 50,000 rupees, and up to a year in jail. Maybe even sedition, and if the lawyers got really creative, arson.

These are the charges that could’ve been laid against your corespondent, for something he did this past weekend.

Instead, this happened:

Neat, right?

The work was being done by Project MAD (Murals and Doodles), an organisation that paints various public walls around the city, beautifying them with captivating art and relevant social messages.

Founded in 2015 by the quartet of Raashi Raghunath, Shlomoh Samuel, Aditi Monde, and Tamim Sangrar, Project MAD has completed almost a dozen projects, with the latest one adorning the wall opposite the Peninsula Corporate Park.

Armed with paintbrushes and a sense of Berlin Artparasites-esque knowledge, 50 of us set out to paint it, and turn it something the city can be proud to call its own.

Painting a 100-foot wall is no easy feat- around 50 volunteers signed up for this mammoth task, including yours truly. The primary artwork is done beforehand, and the artists outline the same on the walls. The unskilled labour that your correspondent could provide came in handy after this, as all he had to do was dab a sponge with paint and fill in the given demarcations- sounds easy, right?

Sadly, paint has a habit of being runny. And spilling. And getting on clothes. And in your hair.

Oh, but it is so much fun.

We painted extensively from 8am to around 7pm everyday- till the light permitted us to. Sadly, work had to be stopped in between because of the harsh conditions- it got quite hot, if Castro might say so himself. In spite of all the attention, work didn’t stop. There were quite a few spectators, especially in the late afternoon of Saturday, as people left home from work. A handful even helped us complete the work.

The problems were a-plenty, but everyone seemed to co-exist quite peacefully. Volunteers sneaked underneath ladders and sat on the pavement to complete their sections, even as your correspondent struggled to decide the difference between cobalt and ultramarine blue.

Beautifying the city, one brick at a time.

The volunteers ranged from kids aging less than the number of eggs Castro had this morning (shout out to the little shit that spilled his blue all over Castro’s orange) to people who were well beyond their retirement age- such was the excitement and fervor to beautify their city. And your beloved can assure you, there were no grim faces whilst everyone was at it.

And that is what the whole project hinges on- volunteers having fun whilst expressing themselves through art. The hope is that these walls shall remain clean, because a little conscience erupts whilst one takes an aim at a picturesque piece of architecture.

Personal favourite, and not because I splattered paint at the bottom there.

If you are in town, do look out for any one of their works near the railways stations- Castro would strongly recommend experiencing one. And have this much trust- you’ve seen nothing like it. Move over, Banksy.

Zara hat ke, zara bach ke…

Something that makes this world a slightly better place to live and let live in.

Infidel Castro