What happens when your date doesn’t reply? Muttal Nihari Vajpayee writes on Modern Romance by Aziz Ansari.
It’s been two hours now and she hasn’t replied to my text, what could have happened? Was I too cheesy? What if she didn’t like me?


While dating has now become ever easier than before, there lies a moral dilemma between the things we do and the required answer from the person.  Frustrated with the idea of this moral romantic construct and the perception of hoi polloi, Aziz Ansari sets out on a mission to find the idea behind expressing love. This idea eventually explores classified ads, online dating, texts via social media and every single thing which desperate human beings do to find their soul mate.


That awkward silence on a date and the age old contacts that fade out without replying are the worst things that one could experience.  This forced the 31 year old comedian famously known for his role in NBC’s sitcom Parks and Recreation to embark on a journey to find the menace of love in the modern world.

This book priced Rs 499 deals with online dating, sexting, dumping, cheating and snooping on your partner which has become easier with the advent of technology.

anigif_enhanced-buzz-887-1383840173-32In 2010 people sent 6.1 trillion texts (related to love) across the planet, roughly 200,000 per minute, still believe that the world has not gone too far to find the love when it might just be the neighborhood girl/ boy.

Quoting Mr Sheldon Cooper here, “I would like to check the Math, but numbers don’t lie”. Similar parallel works with the idea of extending love and escaping the world of being ‘single’

dfhdgjfg.jpgWith an analysis of the mistakes made while texting to the frequency of texts and apt time to reply, Modern Romance not only analyses the love patterns throughout the world but also gives you guidelines as to what should your strategy should look like if you want to find that perfect soul mate.

Too much of research into a trivial issue. (Well, Never mind!)

Happily ever after, maybe?

Every year, our financials are taken care of via an audit. So, why don’t we audit our love account? The revelations might just set us on a research project like that of Ansari’s and might work wonders!