Ram Tarantino comments on the lack of ‘colour’ in the Oscars this year!

With no black people on the Academy Award nominations this year, it was enough a reason for a perplexed audience to call it an “All-White Oscar”!


While there have been various actors and technicians from different races who have done some stellar jobs for film, but the Academy has almost always failed to reward them. One may call it intentional racism or sheer casualty in work. While it is interesting that black actors and technicians don’t win, movies ABOUT the black people, well, win every major award. And if that’s bad, a black person may find solace by looking at Japanese and Indian artists. Practically no wins at all! And well, two Mexicans won the Best Director and Best Cinematography award, for 3 years straight…

Your host for tonight… Chris Rock!

Yet, the cribbing continues, and Oscars 2015 hosted by the hilarious (complete with annoying goddamn voice) Chris Rock, after iconic montage of the memorable films made in the year 2015 was followed by precisely 13 mins of “black people” jokes.

While usually gas find place between nominations, the Academy found it appropriate to screen a video about black actors substituting characters from the year’s best films. While the first few were amusing (if stereotypical) a Black lady replacing the bear from the Revenant was probably taking it a touch too far?

Sam hated it. He, hated it.

Common sense having prevailed, the Academy decided that the way to mellow down the atmosphere would be through spectacular musical performances. They brought then, the renowned singer Sam Smith who went up to quite literally share how he hated every bit of his time on stage.


Replacing that brand of hate, the black jokes were back again. Like Bollywood sequels, which after a point, inspire most normal human beings to separate their hair follicles from their own scalps! It was almost like fillers now, for their lack of creative content! To list a few of these top moments:

The viewers choice…
  1. Chris Rock comes up on stage and announces “Hi, I’m Chris Rock and I’m black”. And I thought #blackpeopletwitter on Reddit was a lot…!
  2. Kevin Hart follows suit, uttering mumbles that included words like ‘positivity’, ‘negativity’ and how black people should be positive….. negative? Way to engage an audience, Kevin! I’m brown, and I’m sure very positive right now!

At this point, one may begin wondering if this over dedication of screen time to the Blacks was supporting their cause, over patronizing, or some sort of adieu to Bon Obama?

Still, there were some white (if I may) spots in this evening that surely must have found a slot on your Facebook timeline.

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  1. When our favorite ‘Pee Cee’ stepped on to stage to present the award for Best Editing, I am sure some Indian in some corner would have blown a whistle.
  2. When star performer, Lady Gaga herself, swept the audience with “Till it happens to you”, dedicating it to victims of sexual abuse.
  3. And finally, when Leonardo di Caprio grabbed his first Oscar, and the world stood still.
  4. Followed by the 86-year old Italian legend, Mr. Ennio Morricono, receiving his first Oscar for Best original score after 5 nominations.
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To the ones with the great speeches..

Oscars 2015 also made way for some great speeches. To conclude the night of black jokes, musical performances and some more black jokes, recipient of Best Director, Mr. Alejandro G. Inarritu, struggling to overpower the interrupting orchestra, spoke about a world where, “… the color of our skin would become as irrelevant as the length of our hair”. And then, it was the man of the hour, Leonardo Di Caprio himself, who chose the moment of his victory to make a humble please for the health of the world.

One of the most awaited events of the year has come to an end. While the Oscars did snub a few deserving nominees, between Black Jokes and Golden statuettes, this truly spectacular night reminded us once again, of the power of cinema, and its reach across our golden globe. And that ladies and gentlemen, we’ll remember in black and white.