photo-original.jpgDissent is an imperative part of democracy – but is democracy found in the red of blazing effigies, and words dripped in alleged sedition? Films reach beyond illiteracy – so is celluloid stuck together the voice in which songs for rights should be sung?220px-aligarhfilmposter Songs about places like Aligarh, songs about people like Trump, songs about love labeled unnatural.

Revolution, when it creeps between the judge’s hammer, changes lives by bending laws – but does this revolution come from you and me?tumblr_loa6pgktzf1qg50fao1_500 Is this revolution born of those starry nights by empty coffee cups where even between a thousand bodies you felt lonely, cold, empty, numb, unsettled, restless?

Restless: is that what you feel when the colors of your flag are twisted in through malicious kaleidoscopes into patterns that claim to falsely represent your country? phenomenon-revolution-631Or have your colors been diluted too far in home soil – beyond redemption?

Earthquakes on surface create craters. Do our veins cover our fault lines?

February to fault lines, then.
February to Unrest – from outside, and within.

Yours, Madame Meow