In this article, Infidel Castro looks at the 2016 US Presidential elections, and what its result could possibly mean for everyone else.

Well, with promises like that!

Once, when asked if he was a racist, Donald Trump retorted, “How could I be? My president is one of the blacks.”

The same man, Ladies and gentlemen, is the front-runner for the presidential candidature for the Republican Party. And if this is what the “greatest country” in the world has come to, then all of us should be worried.

To run one through, there are two main parties in the United States of America – the left-leaning Democratic, and the right Republican. Each election contains the crucian phase of intra and then inter party-candidate debates around ideologies, economic policies, etc. Goes without saying, the American voters vote much more on merit than promises, tracing past voting patterns, and actually studying the candidates before casting their votes for them.

Thank goodness, it’s goodbye! *cries* 


Election sweep in every leap year. Barack Obama, representative of the Democrats first won them in 2008, and got re-elected in 2012 for his last term in accordance to the 22nd Amendment which limits any individual to a maximum of two terms as President.

And so, with election up in November, this year, it all started again…

Everything so far has been rather extraordinary. Unlike past elections, the primaries haven’t been all that insignificant or a walkover. There has never been a more confused Republican nomination, nor has the path been as easy as Female Clinton would have imagined it to be.

It’s ALL just a big, big Party! (Democrats, I mean)

Let’s start with the Democrats. Hillary Clinton has been eyeing this election ever since the previous one, and was expected to be a clear winner from the left. She has everything needed to be President – she was the foreign secretary of the State in the previous government, knows how to handle international affairs, has the surname (being Bill Clinton’s wife has its advantages) and is very bro-business, (with an endless treasury, constantly updated by the Wall Street). Up against virtually nobody, she was expected to comfortably trounce her opposition (if any), and head on straight for the main presidential elections.

And then this man happened.

Feel the Bern!

Bernies Sanders, came in flying from the left, and upset this ruddy equation for Mrs. Clinton. An independent senator from Vermont, he recently joined the Democrats to escalate quickly to position of chief (and perhaps only) opponent for Clinton on the Democratic front.

A real leftist who describes himself as a “socialist democrat”, he plans to reduce  public-college education costs to zero, wants to have free healthcare, increase minimum wage for labour from the current $7.5 per-hour to $20 per-hour by 2020, make America greener, with substantial amounts diverted to harvest solar energy. To top it all, he plans to create 13 million jobs, all in the next four years.

Sounds rosy, but is this plan executable?

This is what his official site says, and this article does a pretty good job of simplifying it.

In spite of this, with Trump and Clinton hogging all the headlines; Sanders (or Bernie, as he prefers to be called) has never really been in the media’s spotlight. The internet has taken up his cause though, and regularly fundraises for him. Either way, his grassroots presence is quite phenomenal – in contrast to Clinton, who’s barely talked to any local anywhere – and is his biggest strength. The initial polls showed a margin of over 40% between the two, but has now been shrunk to less than 8%. Talk about the power of social media!

Ain’t got no connection with the Wall Street!

However, the primaries have been pretty much Clinton all the way. She’s won 505 delegates, in contrast to Sanders’ 71. Super Tuesday is still left, where on the 1st of March, 12 primaries shall be contested, to finally decide the fate of the Democratic nomination.

Now, we head on to the more outspoken candidatures, namely those for the Rightist Republicans. Various factors amalgamated together for people like Donald Trump and Dr. Ben Carson to stand for  nomination, and wave the flag of ridiculous action.

Ben Carson Makes Announcement About Seeking Republican Presidential Nomination
Woman Clinton, calm your titties!

Starting with the lesser-known – Dr. Carson, a neurosurgeon by profession, with a feature film on one of his cases (it is a really good movie, watch it!); this gentleman defends gun-rights saying that if the Jews had arms, the Holocaust wouldn’t have happened, and hence every American citizen has the right to carry a firearm in order to protect himself.

He believes that no Muslim should ever be allowed to run for American Presidency, and that being gay is a choice, because prisons turn people gay. He also is against gay marriages, because “equal marriage is Marxist agenda”.

Quite a progressive, isn’t he?

Well, to contrast him we have up next everyone’s favourite, Donald Trump. Trump wants to build a wall along the Mexican border,  to prevent immigrations. And somehow, he wants Mexico to pay for it. He wants every Muslim in America to wear an ID card, and pretty much blames everything on immigrants.

Yes. It’s always the woman, no?

Among other candidates we have Ted Cruz, a Texan senator, who was the first to announce his presidential bid. Again a social conservative, Cruz’s economic policy is a bit better than everyone else’s. And Marco Rubio, senator from Florida, neck-and-neck with Cruz, though he’s considerably more moderate.

So what will be of the Republican nomination?

Hell if I knew!

I have never observed such a set of candidates voicing their opinions so vociferously before, and moreover, believing what they say. It is really a curious batch. The primaries until the Super Tuesday have Trump towering over rest of his competitors with 82 delegates, with Cruz at 17, Rubio at 16, and Carson at 4.

I for one, didn’t think it would come to this. Trump and Carson are hollow on their economic policies, and it baffles me as to how the debate hasn’t moved on from baseless socially divisive comments.

So how does Trump get away with anything he says?

Because he isn’t answerable to anyone! A self-made billionaire, Trump isn’t dependant on any organisation or individual for his resources. Having said that, he has spent the least amount of money on his campaign, and instead, has let his words attract the media. Ace, well played;

Game changed indeed: as even if Trump does not win the nomination or the presidency, his popularity throws light on the sheer percentage of American population who actually believe in whom they’ve voted for.

White House, is that you?

However, it’s not all blue flunk. Some of these candidates do have the mind-set to really make America great again, however you’d define “great”. Trump may turn out to be more moderate in his approach, and might even help the situation a bit. Clinton will have to reconsider her stance on protecting the Wall Street at all costs. Rubio is actually a very decent and willing candidate, who shall give the other side a listen. Sanders’s economic model seems very fool proof, but implementing it would be a huge task.

The Case of the Starry Flag!

It’s the world’s greatest drama/reality show, and everybody is invited. Who knows, it might be ABC’s next sitcom? However it might pan out to be, the star spangled land will sure rise to a new turn in history.

Hopefully one though, where no Mexicans are actually thrown back across the border.


Signing off, (In)Fidel Castro


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